Sunday, March 1, 2009

Promised Daffodils

It's Sunday, March 1st. Yesterday's weather was bad. Rainy and cold, and the dogs didn't get a run. I was sick, actually I am still fighting this darn cold, but yesterday the headache got me. The last of February and it was crummy. March is coming in like a lion, as the old saying goes. Today it's cold and we have had ice, snow, sleet and a mixture of the three. We had a good breakfast and then we played cards with Mom, her greatest joy.

Before cards I went and fed my horses and there were 2 daffodils in bloom, although they were drooped and draped in ice, I picked them and brought them to the table for Mom. I had promised her daffodils before she left to go home. She leaves next Sunday.

The birds are very active this morning and if you look closely at this picture you will see there are birds perched all over the bushes, and on the feeders. My poor hammock is hanging low covered in ice as are the electric fence tapes.

The gazing ball was glazed...

All in all this day is a wash for outdoor activity. I'm still hoping it will clear long enough to run the dogs, although both of them seem content to curl up on 'their' couch. Mom is snoring in the chair now, and I'm hoping I didn't tell her of her upcoming trip too soon, as she will dwell on it and make herself sick thinking about it. With any luck the dementia will work in my favor and she might forget.
I think its a great day to write some poetry and curl up with a good book. I have read all Becky's books, but I am still not finished with 'Mom's Family Pie' by Peggy Ann Shifflet. Becky also has given me other books to read, and I thank her for catching me up with the 'Southern' thing. Without her, I would be up the creek, with no paddle!


Becky Mushko said...

Hey—nothing I like better than to use literature to convert an ex-Yankee!

Enjoy the blizzard while it lasts!

claudia said...

Can you believe this????
We just went walking in it. I will blog it later.

Amy Tate said...

I'm sorry you have a cold. Yuck. Can you believe all this snow? I love the shot of the yellow flowers on the table. At least we know that spring is around the corner!

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