Monday, March 9, 2009

The snowman meltith

Saturday brought lovely weather for Mom's last full day. The snowman that Bob made for me has lost it's nose and within a few hours, it's head! The kids came today with Caine for a last visit with Mom. They also brought their 6 month old yellow lab "Jaspar" who looks like the cartoon 'Marmaduke'. He's huge already, with feet bigger than my mini horses and must weigh at least 70 lbs! In all the commotion with him and trying to control him( he bit the chain link kennel and we had to take him out of it before he destroyed it!) I didn't get a still picture, just some with my video camera....

snowman melting and me in my jammies!

Caine is trying to walk. He has Dad's leg here.

He loved the swing I got him! Grampy hooked it up on the pergola on the back deck.

Mom , the dogs and I enjoyed the front porch Sunday, it was 75 degrees! She flew home to 50 degree weather and today, Monday, they are having yet another storm with at least another 6 inches forecast!! I'll stay here in my T-shirts, thanks...

The crocus are happy to have all that snow and ice off of their heads! The poles are an attempt to keep Penny and Belle from stomping them.

The froglooks to be sporting a lovely hat of yellow daffodils.

Iris (and the other cats as well) have enjoyed the open windows. Iris has one eye and prefers to keep it trained on the bird feeder from inside the house.

Today we shipped Moms clothes and got the dogs licensed. This week will be catch up with laundry and the horses barns and the yard work, etc, etc. Tomorrow I am going with my friend Becky to Martinsville where she will speak at a writers group and we will get a little shopping in as well as dinner, a nice break for me!


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Amy Tate said...

I love the picture of you and your mom with the dogs! You should enlarge it!

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