Friday, March 20, 2009

To breed ? Or not to breed?

Someone e-mailed me this picture of a baby and a mini-horse baby.
So cute I can't stand it.
I have a nice stallion named Red and two cute mares, one all black and one a paint.
I have been thinking about breeding them and next year....?

Maybe it's just spring. I think of all the problems first with a pregnant mare, the special feed and vet trips and all. UGH! And then I think, but 'They are so cute'...!
I need to think this one out...
Someone slap me!


Amy Tate said...

Oh Claudia! How precious! I guess I'm not helping the situation.

kim said...

too cute!!! Why not go for it! There is nothing like a baby in the spring! It's not like you have to carry it around or anything! As long as every is healthy, Mother nature takes care of everything! As long as the mother gets her vitamins it's all so great! Go for it! you'll be fine!

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