Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fostering puppies

I visited my grandson again recently.
My daughter works for the Humane Society and is fostering a mother dog and her 6 puppies since they don't have room for them at the kennels. No room, how sad is that! Luckily my daughter is willing to put herself out and take her work home, so to speak. So cute! Their Mom is a beagle and ??, but she looks mostly beagle. Shes a bit scared of men, but takes right to women. She and her pups will be up for adoption when they are big enough. For now, they are in good hands, in a cozy basement.

Notice Caines bib?
Future millionaire.
I like the ballet pose. He was just caught playing with the wires and cables. Looks guilty, doesn't he?

He has a mouth full of teeth!
He had his first visit with the dentist, and she gave him a flouride treatment that tastes like bubble gum. ?...My thoughts exactly....
Notice also the size of his hands???And for some reason he holds his pinky out when eating or drinking! Such a proper child!

I hope the little split in his front teeth stays. His Grandpa and his cousin and a few others on his Moms side has it, and I like it!
Of course, I'd like whatever as far as Caine is concerned!
I hope everyone remembers that when we are having money problems, the Humane Society gets more and more abandoned animals. Lets help any way we can.
Spay and neuter is one way. Donate food and money if you can, and think about fostering if you have the room.


Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

He is too cute Claudia. If you guys were up by NYC, I'd say you should see about doing modeling.

Thank God for people like your daughter. I have worked in shelters. Thousands of animals get put to sleep. I'm against breeding because of this. Why breed when you can find anything you want in the pound--old dogs, young dogs, purebreds, whatever you have a hankering for. When I see an animal that is not fixed, I can't help it, I think that owner is ignorant and irresponsible, and if they are breeding on purpose, greedy.

Claudia said...

Thats truth there, girl.
I just don't have the guts to work in a shelter, as it takes a tough person to do what is necessary to take care of the problems caused by other people...just think how many people saw Marley and wanted a yellow lab, only to find out how quick they grow out of the darling puppy stage!We once were given a pure bred Saint Bernard pup, at 7 months old, that the couple thought was SO cute, and they both worked all day, so the puppy was chained in the cellar...thank god they gave it up to a good home..We loved that dog!
And yes, Caine is a cutie, but man does he have his own mind already! His Mom said, "He has a temper"...I said...."Hmmm, imagine that!"
Love to come by and watch you and the daughter ride sometime...give me a call!

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