Sunday, June 15, 2008

Puppies are free

Saturday afternoon we came in to find a message; my friend Karen Wrigley had called. She was at the 4-H tent at the park on Sontag road, and there were Australian Shepherd pups, free to a good home. I called my friend Melissa who had been looking for one since she lost hers a year ago. I had adopted Belle, our 2 year old Aussie, last October from the Humane Society. I made a quick decision to add a pup to our fracas of furry critters. My husband looked like a deer caught in headlights! He stuttered and sputtered , "You'll have to house break it." Fine.

Melissa and I and three kids, her daughter Sam and the neighboring twins, Dakota and Haley, raced over in my H2 and took both sisters. We had a box big enough for them both set in the way back of the H. Good thing I lined the box with water proof material, because one of the sisters had diarrahea, and I thought the trio of puppy lovers in the back seat would lose their lunch!

EEWWWW!! Pull over!

We pulled over and Melissa and I cleaned up as well as possible, and continued on with the girls holding their noses and exclaiming, "They have poo on them!"

Welcome to puppy 101!

They are so cute, 10 weeks old and had beginning shots and worming.Our pup, is named Penny. Samantha has called hers Mitzy, which her Mom decided today, just won't work, so she is now called Jazzy, short for Jasmine.

Today we took the pups to the creek, and both of them had a swim. They both like the water, and since it isn't too deep, they went right in.

They wore themselves out. When we got back to Melissas',they collapsed on the porch. Then the no-furs got in the pool, while the furred went under the pool and laid in the muddy shade. The sisters wrapped together and slept for a good 3 hours. Penny had to be pried away, and she's now napping at my feet, but that's only because Bob isn't home. She took right to him, and to my surprise, he to her! Looks like Bob has his dog and I have mine!

The cats are not excited at all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Walking, Etc.

OK. Here it is. I am trying to walk on a daily basis with my friend Melissa. We have routes all figured through the woods, and know the mileage for each one. We also have a great gravel road that leads to our homes, so we can also walk that if we choose. With the heat of late, we chose to walk the woods, since it is much cooler.It's one mile+, and there are hills to climb as well as flat spots. We always have company; she has 4 dogs,and 2 are young enough to walk it, and sometimes her aging pomeranian comes along, hoping she'll be carried by one of us if she looks pathetic enough. I have Belle, and she runs it, back and fourth, jumping and playing with the other dogs, joy on her snout!They all stop to have a drink and wet themselves in the creek. So, all is wonderful, and we have a pleasant walk.

I stop to check my asparagus bed for any new shoots, and the sun is now really warm, the back yard buzzing with insects. Lovely right? Well, here it is. I know I am getting older, but come on! I take a sneezing fit, probably something allergy-ish in the sunny air, and I pee my pants!!Now I have to go in, strip and shower. To top it off, I have 3 or 4 ticks, even though I use bug spray!

Now I know, this is a personal topic, but I'd like to think I'm not the only woman who has this issue! Jeez, isn't the grey hair and wrinkles enough?
Here's a picture of Belle enjoying the creek. Thanks for letting me vent!


Thursday, June 5, 2008


The hummers are really gearing up now. Territorial and loud.By the time the end of this month rolls around, I should be using about 5 lbs of sugar every week! It will increase as the summer goes by. This last blast we had with the hail size ranging from pea to half-a-golf ball, must have upset these little guys! I know my horses were flying around the field! I am sure they thought someone was throwing things at them, and when they went into their metal roofed barns, they must have thought they were being shot at! They just ran and ran until it ended!I wonder what those little birds must have thought with stuff raining from the sky that was bigger than them! I can imagine they must have had the 'henny penny' call going out!

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