Saturday, March 26, 2011


Caine and I had a little rest after eating shrimp and "O-gurt". Well, thats what he ate.
Bob cooked his famous 'Baltimore style' steamed shrimp and I made a big potatoe salad. We had a rest, Mommy and Daddy fell asleep, and then Caine and I and Pop-pop went out to play.

Caine helped Pop-pop feed the birds. He filled the cup while Bob poured the feed into the feeders. He would only fill the cup with a small amount of seed so it took along time, plus he had Bobs gloves on so it was harder for him. Bob is so patient with him.
Carrying his sippy cup full of apple juice to join me on the swing...

He is such a happy little guy and he sure loves it here. We have to drag all his toys and things from the shed and play in the dirt.

These cowboy boots were his Dad John's when he was a boy. Michele said they found them in the attic and Caine won't take them off...
my little cowboy on his wonder-horse Tex. I used to have to wrap the hard plastic mane with padding so he wouldn't bump his face.

Not anymore, he runs full tilt on his Tex....My Mom said I wore out 2 sets of springs on my horse, Jim Jump.

Another great afternoon with Caine. I'm renewed. He is such a joy, and Pop-pop- has alot more fun with him now that he's mobile!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too much of a good thing...

The creek is very high during the rains...chocolate milk or light coffee and really wild.

Penny isn't put off by the speed or the color, it's still the creek.

Even the side runs that normally trickle are fast and dangerous.


Next morning brings a sky that you have to colorful, a spiritual thing.

The creek has has rushed to Pigg River and returned to a lighter shade.
Belle likes this taste better.

Debris litters the banks and rocky ledges that rise like dinosaur backs.

Penny has her favorite holes to soak in along the run route.

The sun has shone for several days now.The flowers are up and the tree buds are popping.
More rain is forecast for tomorrow and the next day, however I don't think that they will be the torrential rains of last week.
Gentle rain is good, the fields will green up nicely. Those downpours wreak havoc with the driveway,the fields and the streams.
The old adage applies:
Too much of a good thing, isn't good.

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