Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow or no snow, the dogs run

I don't think this needs alot of words..The Blue Ridge area of Virginia in snow, and particularly,
Little Jacks Creek in the snow...that says it all...

Can you see Belle??

Harry lauder is packing on charm.....

These were taken during the snow fall is sunny and incredibly beautiful...the dog run today will be a photo shoot to beat all!!!

snowman arrived!

February 20th, at 8 am . We were wakened earlier with the sound of raucous birds...our feeders were full of black birds. Grackles I beleive. Boat tailed Grackles. I got up to make some coffee and proceeded to shoot pictures of the surrounding trees filled with black birds .
The snowman cometh in good fashion. Actually he gained a couple of pounds overnight. My snowman picture made it to channel 27 news at 10 last night and again on the channel 10 11 o'clock news cast...
the rest of these are self explanitory...

Another blog with creek pictures from yesterday will come next...

Winter in Appalachia..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

snowman cometh

Mac's in his favorite spot...

Quarrie is staring at me typing...

Neither seems very concerned about getting the snow they say we will. There is no reason for my cats to be concerned, they always have lots of food, plenty of water and warm humans to sit upon. Even the dogs don't upset them. They know whos boss.

We are prepared in case of snow, and with this warm soil, I don't think snow will last too long.

I'm sure many people are looking forward to some snow. I'm not. The joy of snow left me along time ago, back when my parents worried about heating and food and shoveling and all the stuff that goes with snow. Cold doesn't feel good to me anymore. It hurts my bones.

Still, I always enjoy the little snowman my husband makes for me. He usually sets it on the back porch railing..

In the winter of my life I'd really prefer summer.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter weather

Winter has arrived... for a few days. The wind is actually howling outside, the trees are creaking and rubbing together making an ungodly noise. We are warm inside with the fireplace going to help the heat pump that seems to be in hyper drive trying to keep this place warm. The cats are draped about the furniture and the dogs are peacefully stretched out in their kennels with the doors still open. We'll close them when we retire.
Earlier today the dogs were 'sharing' the egg pan. Belle had control and Penny helplessly looked on until Belle tired and gave up the pan.

The evenings have brought some great sunsets. This was another night, but is representative of most lately. Today brought sun and rain and sleet and snow squalls all while we were heading to Caines 4th birthday party. I find it so amazing whenever I see him and he talks to me using his big raspy voice and his big words. He's very smart and a loving child...

Mac is sprawled in one of the recliners. He's huge, very fluffy, blue-eyed and often cross-eyed! My nephew Matt calls him the Buick..he's about the same size...

I have no more mini horses, I gave the last 2 away to the same people who took the first 2, so they are all together again, and are doing really well. Horses are communal animals anyway, and I am glad they are with the people who have them. they're well cared for and enjoyed. Gotta say I do miss them being in the field though.

Changes..change is good, sometimes hard to do and tough to make the adjustments, but overall, a good thing.

I'm watching a stink bug walk across the chair rail behind my computer..

some things never change.

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