Friday, October 26, 2018

Where's Fall?

Penny in leaves.
  These pictures are both of a typical Fall day. Some color in the trees and brown leaves down. But there's a brightness about them ! Oh, it must be sunshine ! Where the heck is our typical Fall ? We have morphed from sticky hot and rainy summer right into cold damp winter. I for one am disappointed. I love Fall. I love the bright blue skies and the crisp clean air. I love walking on the dry scrunchy leaves; love wearing my Ugg boots and jeans and a big 'ol sweater. I sooo enjoy hot coffee in the cool mornings on my porch, with the rays of sun heating my feet, then legs and body as the sun comes up. I'm missing Fall. I have my cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg and oranges simmering on the stove so it smells like Fall. I hung my Witch decoration, and put 2 pumpkins on the porch. I have done my part. I expect  Mother Nature to play fair and give me my Fall. Everything is grey, including the hot tea I am sipping to try to warm up. October is almost over, and then November will be upon us with its bare tree limbs and grey skies, dead grass and lack of flowers.
  It's a good thing I have The Patriots, great books and good tv programs to send me into those dreary days ahead. I do like baking also, but when I bake , I eat more. I like my own baking. Need to get my stained glass and jewelry stuff out. That has no calories.
  Oh fickle winds of Autumn, blow our way and give us a few weeks of Happy Fall.

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