Thursday, February 19, 2009

wind damage

I ran the dogs to the creek early today, because the weather is going to get colder and windier as the day goes on. There already has been a lot of trees that have toppled ( I love that word) or are in the process.Thankfully, none were down across my path, yet. The creek has taken its toll on the trees that line its bank. Each rainfall takes a bit more of banking out, and as a result, more trees lose their footing. If you look at the base of some of the trees, they are leaning and then the growth goes straight up. I assume that the trees lost footing, began to lean, and then they stayed at that footing and headed upward to the sun. I'm no forester, but thats my guess.

Lots more trees have laid down across the creek.

This one snapped off half way up and laid down into some other trees. I think it was dead, anyway.

Eerie looking skyline. Its hard to tell that I was taking the picture straight.
The tops go in odd directions.

The dogs don't care about the trees, but they do love the creek. I thought the rain would bring it up some, but it didn't seem to be any higher. At least its not any lower!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreary Days

Dreary Days of winter. Cold and rainy. What to do?
Bake , write and read and play cards.
I took these pictures of my orchids yesterday, when it was sunny out but very cold.
Don't you just love orchids?
They bloom in the dead of winter adding bright color to any window or shelf.

I decided to bake a blueberry cake. I had the blueberries, so it won out over cookies. Mom and I will enjoy it with a cup of tea. The top gets a light crust with the cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it. Bob will get a pork roast with fried apples on the side.

I just took the cake out, it smells wonderful! I'll save you a slice!
Mom is napping in the recliner with 2 of my 5 cats on her lap.
I think I'll get my book out and finish it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

poor mans fertilizer

February, a contrary month....
When I was a kid and snow would come in spring covering the fields for just a short time, my Dad would call it 'poor man's fertilizer'. I never knew what that meant until I got alot older.
My Deodar Cedar looked pretty in frosting...

Some trees in the distance looked like spring Dogwoods. The dusting stayed on the leaves awhile.

The prettiest were the cedars and postcard-ish.

The birds were very active..there's a cardinal on the icy wisteria.

Little Red, my mini stallion didn't mind the frosting, he just wants his morning apple cookie!

Endeavor, in the background is more patient.

It was pretty while it lasted, which was until noon-ish..Thats my kind of snowfall!
Now you see it, now you don't!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caine is 1 years old

Friday the 13th, Caine turned a whole year old!
He had his own cake, and seemed to know exactly what to do with it!

This is his Mom Michele, and his Grandma Mary-ann on the floor, where Caine was break dancing. He was actually floundering around, but it looked like break dancing! He loves music and danced while eating his cake. He has the head bobbing thing down.

His Great-Grandmother Marge is holding him here..(this is Bob's Mom) Caine was decked out in a black velvet 'smoking' jacket and white shirt with black slacks..very cool!

His Great Grandmother Marie has him here. I am looking on and to the right is his other Grandmother Elizabeth,which is John's Mom.

We left at 7:30, and Caine was looking tired. My Mom had enough. There was a DJ, which was Mary-ann's husband's business, and the music was loud for Mom. I'm sure the adults continued partying , and I assume Caine went home with his Grandmother Elizabeth.
Happy first Caine, we love you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hope Springs

It's February. I still think Yankee. February is the worst in the Northeast. Thats when I would have cabin fever, and need light therapy and HAVE to go to the Garden Show in Boston.( I think that was actually in March, it's been so long.) I would always plan a vacation in February to anywhere warm. But here in S.W. Virginia, spring starts to bloom in February.

My daffodils are starting to look really promising. The problem this year will be how to keep Penny from ruining them. She knows no boundaries, and anything on the ground is fair game for her to chew, and chew things she does!

Today I noticed the first bloom, a crocus. I am very excited! I also realize that Spring is coming quickly and my gardens are still filled with last years debris. When I get some time(??????) I have to get out there and weed and rake.

At least the hope of a lovely garden is in my reach now, but truth is, if Penny has her way, the garden will be a burial ground for bones and a dropping ground for late night poop's, when it's too scary to go far from the porch alone! Belle is very well behaved, she respects gardens. I think I have my work cut out for me with Penny.
But, hope springs eternal!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthdays and 4 wheelin


I haven't blogged in a long time. I just don't have any time to do the things I want . My Mom is constant care, and more than that, trying to entertain her is all time consuming!She would sit and play cards non-stop, but she doesn't understand that I have chores and bills and cleaning.

We went to Wayne's house last Friday night for Tess's 9th birthday party, and Mom had a blast with the baby, True. Seems the older we are, the better we relate to small children, and vice versa. Here is Mom playing with True, and her cane, which True wanted.

Mom and True

Tess ( the birthday girl ), is very sweet, and I plan to have her over for a weekend when I have no more company.(?????) Since Sunday, my mother-in-law, Marge, has joined us to stay a couple of weeks. She is no trouble and fends for herself mostly. I am the cook and clean-up person for us 4 now, but Marge will offer to help,always. Sometimes it's just easier for me to do it.

birthday girl,Tess
Below is my Mom in Melissa's Rhino. She loved the ride, but it has been too cold since this ride to get her out! Today's 4-wheel run to the creek with the dogs( my daily routine...1/2 hour of solitude for me) was COLD! 24 degrees. The creek is frozen again, and so is the little pond.

Mom in the Rhino
Tomorrow is Bob's 50th birthday and our neighbors daughter, Sam's 9th. We are having a party here for Bob Friday night, with Michele and John and the baby, and of course Mom and Mom. My brother John just called today and said he is sending lobsters for Bobs birthday, so he will be really happy for that! On Saturday we are supposed to have warm weather again, 60's, so Wayne and his crew will stop by for a hamburger and hotdog cookout, and 4-wheeling and playing with my Wee horses...
This week the Mom's and I ventured a trip to the store to get a card and gift for Bob, and some needed items. Marge put Mom in the rideable cart before I got back from parking the car. Then Marge was off for some shopping while I tryed to steer Mom in the right direction, literally, and tryed to get her to push the right throttles, forward and reverse. By the end of an hour, I was exhausted and aggrevated and hungry, so we went to Wendy's, and Mom had a melt down. Couldn't breathe, nor eat her food. We gulped and left, then Mom was fine. I think she was tired and wanted to go home, and she was mentally worn from trying to run the cart. Needless to say, that won't happen again!
In between the daily grind, my elder brother had a TIA and scared us to death. Thankfully he is good, with no residuals, but a good wakeup call for him. Then my sister-in-law, (his wife) had to be rushed to the hospital, because her back went out and she couldn't get off the floor! Two days ago I got a call that my nephew and godson Matt was trucking in the 53ft rig he and his boss use to haul cars, and had a gall bladder attack while outside of Richmond Va. They turned the rig back and found a hotel, and Matt went to the emergency room of the nearest hospital where they had him in and his gall bladder removed within hours!!
There is never a dull moment at this house. I could use some down time, and just writing this has given me a break. I put a tape in for the Moms, and they are happily watching a movie.
I think tomorrow after getting Mom fed and into her chair, Bob and I will sneak away for a few hours, while his Mom makes his birthday cake.
I don't know when I will be able to sit with all that will be going on in the next few days, so if there is no blog, there's a good reason!!!
Almost forgot...
Caine's (our grandson) birthday is next Friday, and I am making potatoe salad for 20 people. Caine will be a whole 1 year old! That was a fast year!

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