Thursday, February 19, 2009

wind damage

I ran the dogs to the creek early today, because the weather is going to get colder and windier as the day goes on. There already has been a lot of trees that have toppled ( I love that word) or are in the process.Thankfully, none were down across my path, yet. The creek has taken its toll on the trees that line its bank. Each rainfall takes a bit more of banking out, and as a result, more trees lose their footing. If you look at the base of some of the trees, they are leaning and then the growth goes straight up. I assume that the trees lost footing, began to lean, and then they stayed at that footing and headed upward to the sun. I'm no forester, but thats my guess.

Lots more trees have laid down across the creek.

This one snapped off half way up and laid down into some other trees. I think it was dead, anyway.

Eerie looking skyline. Its hard to tell that I was taking the picture straight.
The tops go in odd directions.

The dogs don't care about the trees, but they do love the creek. I thought the rain would bring it up some, but it didn't seem to be any higher. At least its not any lower!


Amy Tate said...

I think this is the coldest and longest winter that I can remember. The wind is the worst part. Come on spring!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I can't stand the wind. It reminds me of why I left Oklahoma.

Those woods sure are pretty. Can you IDENTIFY the trees Claudia?

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