Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rebel is sold

My handsome gelding isn't mine anymore.
I was talking to him and cleaning him up, with Akila, one of my mini's looking on.

Linda brought her saddle and rode him. She gave me a check for him, but he won't be going to his new home for another week due to some problems with the other horse she was supposed to get today. The trailer had a flat, and the horse was lame...long Rebel will stay here until I get back from Ocean City Maryland, where I will be with Bob for his surf-fishing tournament..his 22nd, and a yearly event since before we met.

Linda looks good on him, and he was a perfect gentleman even though he hasn't been ridden since last April. He's a wonderful horse, and I wish I had the nerve to ride again. Since that mare I rode almost killed me, I haven't been able to get back on, even though Rebel is an excellent horse. Linda said I am welcome to come and ride him when he's in Gretna...maybe someday I will get the nerve up again.
Melissa and Sam,her 8 yr old daughter, are on 'Jagger', (Melissa's gelding), and Sam is on her horse 'Princess'.
They were to be my riding buddies before I got thrown.

They had a nice ride, with no problems, except Jagger's usual spookieness, but Rebel offered no trouble what-so-ever...I was very proud, and a longing is still in the pit of my stomach, but I can't bring myself to get back on...

I'm sad to see him go, and happy to see he will be ridden and well cared for...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bald Puppy


Today Mom left us. She didn't take us for a run with Maggie and Hubert and the gang like she did on Monday, nor did she take us 4-wheeling to the creek.
She came home later than Dad, and she had this bald puppy with her. I've smelled him on her before when she's left us all day. Now I know where she gets that smell. I don't see what the fuss is all about, he has no fur! He makes funny noises and slams his toys on the feeding board. She came right in and gave him food and hardly paid any attention to me and Belle at all.

I tried really hard to share my toys with the bald puppy. His name is Caine and Mom says he is Dad and her grandchild.
I decided to chew my teething bone while he chewed some plastic things that were really bright colors. I think those are his teething things. I jumped and barked at him, asking him to get out of that funny thing he sits in and play with me, but he cried and Mom yelled at me. He's no fun at all.

The worst thing was, Mom took him in the small room, and put him in a really cool duck. It had water in it, and it quacked just like the stuffed toy that I chewed up on Belle, and Belle thought it was her old duck. She came and smelled for it, and that other puppy splashed water on her! Mom thought it was so cute. Belle wasn't impressed with him either, but we both did our very best to try to be friends with him, because Mom said he would be staying overnight.
When it came time for bed, me and Belle went to our sleeping kennels and Mom took that other puppy and put it in it's sleeping pen. Then Mom slept near that puppy in the other room !! Dad slept in his spot near us, so I guess it wasn't so bad.He's in his sleeping pen again and me and Belle are having a rest in with Mom while she taps on her toy at the desk. Its raining out, so it looks like we are stuck in with the bald puppy...woof.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Walking the dogs'

Today we went for a walking at Beckys land.
This is Becky with the crew behind her. Hubert and Maggie rode over with Becky and I took Belle and Penny with me in my truck. I was afraid Penny might not do well with her dogs, so I figured I could put her back in the truck if necessary. It wasn't. She did well. This was her first big romp with new dogs!

There were lots of new smells to take in, and lots of places that needed to be marked.

Hubert found a good smell to roll in. Belle patiently waited her turn, and then...

She showed him how an Aussie rolls!

Maggie allowed Penny and Belle to romp with her in her creek.

Maggie likes to lie down and get the full effect of the cool water. Penny really wanted to jump on her, but she wasn't quite sure, because Maggie is alot bigger than her.

It was a good walk, and Belle and Maggie only had a little scuffle at the end, but I'm pretty sure that Belle was 'protecting' Penny, or at least it seemed that way. There was no blood, just alot of noise and scuffling around, but Becky grabbed hold of Maggie and put her on the leash for the last leg to the trucks..

Belle was ready for her noon nap. She has that satisfied look on her face.Penny fell asleep on her lion slipper. Shes just worn out!

In fact, the dog couch was even more inviting, and they both opted for a good sleep!
Thanks Becky!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plants and bird houses

My friend Becky and I stopped by Lowes the other day after our childrens litererature group, aka 'kiddie lit', and perused the sale rack at the back. I found this treasure for a buck!!! It's a butterfly plant of some kind, the name has slipped through my sieve of a mind, but as Becky said, "the pot is worth that!" I also bought some potatoe vine plants of varied colors for 30 cents each. The geraniums were a whopping 50 cents apiece, and I planted them in one of my metal buckets. I haven't got pictures of them yet, but I will.

This is a crepe myrtle growing in my back yard that has made a comeback this year. It was all but dead, and then I put the 'Hollytone' to it this spring, and well, you can see for yourself. The bird house in the background was here when we bought the place, and although it is supposed to be a martin house, I have seen bluebirds nesting there each year.

The wigelia I cut back this past winter never did bloom, but it looks very healthy and green and bushy, so maybe next year it will bloom. Meanwhile I continue to plant more things...Becky gave me seeds from several of her plants, and if I don't get a notebook and write down the names, I won't be able to tell you what they are when they come up!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gettin even

Well, looks like we left the dogs in a little too long tonight.

Belle seems unconcerned..

Penny is totally oblivious..

Several stuffed animals lost their stuffing tonight and had to filed in the bucket.
The 'self' watering tank..(3 gallons)..became the swimming pool, and one of the wood window sills got 'custom trimming'. Guess they were really pissed at us.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chow Chow

So, is it chowchow or relish?

This is what I have been doing all morning, and now the house smells wonderful. I chop and peel all ingredients the old fashioned way...with a knife on a chopping block. I think it makes for a more homemade look when all the pieces are unevenly chopped. I had to use up the already ripe tomatoes and some green along with the ripe. This will simmer for hours and then I will put it into jars later this evening.

The recipe I use is called Grandma's Relish. Naturally I never follow a recipe to the letter, and I really don't know how my 'relish' will turn out from batch to batch. I made it two years ago and one of my friends that prides himself on being a 'rebel' and continually gives me grief about being a 'yankee', told me that....and I quote.."You make darn good chowchow, for a yankee." I guess that was just about the best compliment he could muster! He later told me that if I had any left, he would be glad to buy it! I did end up giving him my last jar, in token of my appreciation for him trimming my horses hooves. By the way, my horses name is 'Rebel'. I thought it fitting for a 'yankee' to ride a 'rebel'!

Penny like to watch me at my computer. She seems to enjoy the noise, or maybe just the fact she is near me. Bob came in and chatted after work, so of course the dogs are all over 'daddy'. Belle got the best spot, on his lap.

She won't let penny on his lap. Such jealous little boogers, these dogs!

A drizzly day, and I am still hoping for more rain, maybe through the night, or tomorrow. I have cucumbers waiting for some attention. Tomorrow may be pickle day, unless I go see my grandson, Caine. I'll get this 'relish' all put up and decide if I have the energy to pickle! I need to do some breads too, zucchini and some apple loaves....I love cooler weather!!!!

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