Friday, September 26, 2008

Bald Puppy


Today Mom left us. She didn't take us for a run with Maggie and Hubert and the gang like she did on Monday, nor did she take us 4-wheeling to the creek.
She came home later than Dad, and she had this bald puppy with her. I've smelled him on her before when she's left us all day. Now I know where she gets that smell. I don't see what the fuss is all about, he has no fur! He makes funny noises and slams his toys on the feeding board. She came right in and gave him food and hardly paid any attention to me and Belle at all.

I tried really hard to share my toys with the bald puppy. His name is Caine and Mom says he is Dad and her grandchild.
I decided to chew my teething bone while he chewed some plastic things that were really bright colors. I think those are his teething things. I jumped and barked at him, asking him to get out of that funny thing he sits in and play with me, but he cried and Mom yelled at me. He's no fun at all.

The worst thing was, Mom took him in the small room, and put him in a really cool duck. It had water in it, and it quacked just like the stuffed toy that I chewed up on Belle, and Belle thought it was her old duck. She came and smelled for it, and that other puppy splashed water on her! Mom thought it was so cute. Belle wasn't impressed with him either, but we both did our very best to try to be friends with him, because Mom said he would be staying overnight.
When it came time for bed, me and Belle went to our sleeping kennels and Mom took that other puppy and put it in it's sleeping pen. Then Mom slept near that puppy in the other room !! Dad slept in his spot near us, so I guess it wasn't so bad.He's in his sleeping pen again and me and Belle are having a rest in with Mom while she taps on her toy at the desk. Its raining out, so it looks like we are stuck in with the bald puppy...woof.


Amy Hanek said...

Cute! And I mean the story AND your grandson!!

Amy Tate said...

Oh Claudia! He is adorable! I like the big yellow duck bathtub seat - wow! I wish I'd had that when mine were that small.

Claudia Condiff said...

Thanks Amy's!!!!
All grandma's think their grandchildren are cute, but danged if he isn't!!!Mr. Personality..

JANET said...

Gosh he's getting so big. To big for the rebel tub! Great to see another of your writing's. Sorry to hear that Rebel will be leaving you. I know how much you will miss him.

Becky Mushko said...

Too cute! (Both Penny and Caine)

The dogs are gonna love gettin that big duckie when he outgrows it.

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