Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chow Chow

So, is it chowchow or relish?

This is what I have been doing all morning, and now the house smells wonderful. I chop and peel all ingredients the old fashioned way...with a knife on a chopping block. I think it makes for a more homemade look when all the pieces are unevenly chopped. I had to use up the already ripe tomatoes and some green along with the ripe. This will simmer for hours and then I will put it into jars later this evening.

The recipe I use is called Grandma's Relish. Naturally I never follow a recipe to the letter, and I really don't know how my 'relish' will turn out from batch to batch. I made it two years ago and one of my friends that prides himself on being a 'rebel' and continually gives me grief about being a 'yankee', told me that....and I quote.."You make darn good chowchow, for a yankee." I guess that was just about the best compliment he could muster! He later told me that if I had any left, he would be glad to buy it! I did end up giving him my last jar, in token of my appreciation for him trimming my horses hooves. By the way, my horses name is 'Rebel'. I thought it fitting for a 'yankee' to ride a 'rebel'!

Penny like to watch me at my computer. She seems to enjoy the noise, or maybe just the fact she is near me. Bob came in and chatted after work, so of course the dogs are all over 'daddy'. Belle got the best spot, on his lap.

She won't let penny on his lap. Such jealous little boogers, these dogs!

A drizzly day, and I am still hoping for more rain, maybe through the night, or tomorrow. I have cucumbers waiting for some attention. Tomorrow may be pickle day, unless I go see my grandson, Caine. I'll get this 'relish' all put up and decide if I have the energy to pickle! I need to do some breads too, zucchini and some apple loaves....I love cooler weather!!!!


Becky Mushko said...

In the South, it's chow-chow. My grandmother used to make it, too.

kim said...

wow girl! Chow-chow??? I have to pick myself up off the floor! from laughing so hard...You have really settled in down there in the south! Next you will be saying Y'all.....hahaha...wait..I think I have caught you already! You need too come up here and tawk right! what do you put that chow-chow on ayways? last i knew it was dog food.. I bet its good though! I started a blog..its KIM'S kiddie korner... we'll see what happens..love ya

JANET said...

Just can't beleive your becoming such a Southern Girl. I'm very jealous! Perhaps someday we will be able to make chow-chow together.

Amy Hanek said...

I'm a NY girl and would call it relish.

I can smell your baking from here. Good for you. I'm working on a nice dinner for my kids tonight, despite our busy schedule.

CountryDew said...

Down south it's chow-chow. My husband loves the stuff.

Amy Tate said...

You are a woman of many talents, Miss Claudia...even if you are a Yankee!

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