Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gettin even

Well, looks like we left the dogs in a little too long tonight.

Belle seems unconcerned..

Penny is totally oblivious..

Several stuffed animals lost their stuffing tonight and had to filed in the bucket.
The 'self' watering tank..(3 gallons)..became the swimming pool, and one of the wood window sills got 'custom trimming'. Guess they were really pissed at us.



Becky Mushko said...

At least they know how to keep themselves entertained. Looks like they had a great party!

CountryDew said...

Oops. That doesn't look good!

JANET said...

safxnoGLI just can't stop laughing! Instead of a pillow fight your pets had a furry critter fight. At least it wasn't your shoes. sofa or anything you have to replace.

kim said...

O.M.G!!!! What little Devils!! They really look like they had a ball! Maybe I should bring Rina down to you!...Then you can have her too!!! She has never outgrown her lovely DOG habits!!! I swear they do it on purpose!..L.O.L.....10 years later and I never know what I am going to walk into!...hahahaha....

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