Monday, March 31, 2008


Cats don't like rain.

I have five cats, and they all spent the day indoors napping. This is Mac. He is lost in bird dreams.I can tell by the smile on his face.

Dogs don't care if it rains or not. My Australian shepherd just wants to chase things. A squirrel is the prefererred target for her and that is because I wont let her chase the horses, nor the cats when they are out.

I am more cattish than doggish.

Today was a great day to read a book, wrapped in a soft blanket, sipping a cup of hot tea.

Unfortunatly I had a Drs. appointment, and then had to run and get the prescription filled.

With a little luck, it will rain again tomorrow, and I will get to that blanket and book and cup of tea and just maybe have a little catnap for myself.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Five with hooves.

Welcome to Union Hall Virginia.
No voodoo here!Two are miniatures.Skye is my paint and Akila is the solid black.The large gelding is Rebel.Akila is sure he is her stud,and Skye being a baby only cares about grass and cookies.Akila keeps her on the far side, just incase.

There are two more minis,a sorrel paint gelding named Endeavour and a sorrel stallion named Red.They are best buddies and for obvious reasons, they are kept apart from the girls.I have tryed allowing Endeavour to graze with the girls, but Red works himself into such a sweat-soaked trembling mess when seperated from him it isn't worth the effort.To cut or not to cut is the question pending for Red.My husband opts for the 'not to'.Its a man thing.I argue the grass and fence saving part of 'to cut'.Red is still a stud, but has never been 'proven'.Sometimes I think that Endeavour would do anything to get him off his back! Literally!

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