Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caine is 1 years old

Friday the 13th, Caine turned a whole year old!
He had his own cake, and seemed to know exactly what to do with it!

This is his Mom Michele, and his Grandma Mary-ann on the floor, where Caine was break dancing. He was actually floundering around, but it looked like break dancing! He loves music and danced while eating his cake. He has the head bobbing thing down.

His Great-Grandmother Marge is holding him here..(this is Bob's Mom) Caine was decked out in a black velvet 'smoking' jacket and white shirt with black slacks..very cool!

His Great Grandmother Marie has him here. I am looking on and to the right is his other Grandmother Elizabeth,which is John's Mom.

We left at 7:30, and Caine was looking tired. My Mom had enough. There was a DJ, which was Mary-ann's husband's business, and the music was loud for Mom. I'm sure the adults continued partying , and I assume Caine went home with his Grandmother Elizabeth.
Happy first Caine, we love you!

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