Saturday, February 18, 2012

snowman cometh

Mac's in his favorite spot...

Quarrie is staring at me typing...

Neither seems very concerned about getting the snow they say we will. There is no reason for my cats to be concerned, they always have lots of food, plenty of water and warm humans to sit upon. Even the dogs don't upset them. They know whos boss.

We are prepared in case of snow, and with this warm soil, I don't think snow will last too long.

I'm sure many people are looking forward to some snow. I'm not. The joy of snow left me along time ago, back when my parents worried about heating and food and shoveling and all the stuff that goes with snow. Cold doesn't feel good to me anymore. It hurts my bones.

Still, I always enjoy the little snowman my husband makes for me. He usually sets it on the back porch railing..

In the winter of my life I'd really prefer summer.

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