Thursday, June 5, 2008


The hummers are really gearing up now. Territorial and loud.By the time the end of this month rolls around, I should be using about 5 lbs of sugar every week! It will increase as the summer goes by. This last blast we had with the hail size ranging from pea to half-a-golf ball, must have upset these little guys! I know my horses were flying around the field! I am sure they thought someone was throwing things at them, and when they went into their metal roofed barns, they must have thought they were being shot at! They just ran and ran until it ended!I wonder what those little birds must have thought with stuff raining from the sky that was bigger than them! I can imagine they must have had the 'henny penny' call going out!

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Amy Tate said...

You are an amazing photographer! You need to submit some of these photos for publication. I love Hummingbirds - they're so delicate.

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