Friday, June 6, 2008

Walking, Etc.

OK. Here it is. I am trying to walk on a daily basis with my friend Melissa. We have routes all figured through the woods, and know the mileage for each one. We also have a great gravel road that leads to our homes, so we can also walk that if we choose. With the heat of late, we chose to walk the woods, since it is much cooler.It's one mile+, and there are hills to climb as well as flat spots. We always have company; she has 4 dogs,and 2 are young enough to walk it, and sometimes her aging pomeranian comes along, hoping she'll be carried by one of us if she looks pathetic enough. I have Belle, and she runs it, back and fourth, jumping and playing with the other dogs, joy on her snout!They all stop to have a drink and wet themselves in the creek. So, all is wonderful, and we have a pleasant walk.

I stop to check my asparagus bed for any new shoots, and the sun is now really warm, the back yard buzzing with insects. Lovely right? Well, here it is. I know I am getting older, but come on! I take a sneezing fit, probably something allergy-ish in the sunny air, and I pee my pants!!Now I have to go in, strip and shower. To top it off, I have 3 or 4 ticks, even though I use bug spray!

Now I know, this is a personal topic, but I'd like to think I'm not the only woman who has this issue! Jeez, isn't the grey hair and wrinkles enough?
Here's a picture of Belle enjoying the creek. Thanks for letting me vent!



Amy Tate said...

Oh how funny! If I can blog about my lousy sports bra, then you're definitely allowed to blog about pee! lol Glad you got your walk in first!

Amy Hanek said...

I love walking in the woods and wish I had more options in the department!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I think Amy H. was the one who was disgusted when I admitted that I pee in the woods. And the horse trailer. You know, being a cowgirl and on the trails all the time and having irritable bladder... And I have peed in my pants also when laughing too hard. But if I'm laughing that hard, it's worth it!

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