Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springy Things in the Country

This blog is for my Northern family and friends, particularly my sister-in-law, Jan. She appreciates the garden pictures and I know she is awaiting good weather in the Northeast so she can get out in her gardens..So here you go Jan!
The peach trees are budding, and I wonder if this nest will be used again?

If you click on the pictures, they get bigger. There are two bluebirds on the martin house. Last year they were in it and looks like they are back!

This is the asparagus bed. The neighbor came and ran his blades across the grass. Last year the grass was so thick it was hard to find the asparagus shoots! Were hoping this is the cure.

Joey also turned a vegetable garden for us where the chicken coop was. We gave him the chicken coop in exchange for the garden work. The twins are taking care of the chickens and we have already bought a dozen eggs from them!
They were really distraught over the 'mean rooster' that keeps jumping up on the hens and making them screech! Country lesson at hand...

We have been getting river stones to put paths through the flower beds. I love to make a run on my 4-wheeler and stop and get a stone to bring back!( Bob got the big ones with his tractor.)

This old butterfly bush is getting covered over by an ivy. I suppose I should cut it out, but I think its pretty.

I cut the heck out of the wisteria, so I don't know if it will bloom or not, but it had completely taken over everything! Can't kill the stuff, it's like kudzu!

The japanese maple finally has a little breathing room.

The weeping cherry got a bigtime haircut as well, but it has the 'popcorn like' pink flowers on it so I know its ok.

My nephew, his wife and their son Adam (my GRAND-nephew) are coming in a few weeks. I can't wait! I am planning to have John help me put a tire swing up on the big oak near where the wicker swing hangs. The hammock is already stretched between the cedars. Hopefully the creek won't be too cold to go barefoot in and find some craw-dads !
See everyone pretty soon!


Amy Tate said...

I still can't get over how many birds you have at your house! A couple of them made a nest right outside my front door, in one of the lights. My cat Sabrina, stares at them through the window, licking her chops.

Becky Mushko said...

I love that wisteria. I wish I had some.

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