Monday, March 2, 2009

10,000 words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There are 10 pictures here, starting when it first started snowing yesterday. The daffodils were just getting ready to burst open. By this morning they were mounds of snow. You can't see any green anymore.

Frosted magnolia...
Harry Lauders walking stick dipped in whipped cream...

Last years flowers,dried and iced...

The dogs learned about snowballs in their pads! Belle skidded through the kitchen and promptly sat down and started de-icing!

This mornings 4 wheel journey...start down a trail, back up because of trees down...repeat several times over!

I have to say, it is pretty...the 8 hours without power, from midnight until 8 am, not so much...

Penny still had to have a dip in the creek. She has had a ball with this snow. She ran around the property with her mouth open scooping up reminded me of the skimmers in Florida, birds that flew low to the water and with their lower half of their beak down, skimming the water and I assume, gathering up fish.

This is the most snow I have seen since leaving New England for the Florida Keys.
Now I remember why I left New England. The nice thing about here is, this mess will be gone in a few days. Normally it wouldn't last the day, but it is cold and going to get colder tonight, and things should refreeze. Fortunatly we have the fireplace, a gas log, that throws out plenty of heat. Hopefully we won't need it again tonight!!!

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Amy Tate said...

I adore the shot of the dogs pulling the snowballs out of their feet! It made me laugh outloud. Great stuff!

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