Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring,Lifted Spirits,Music

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Here are some things I think are most beautiful

Spring is back, here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Soon the 'Blue Ridge Parkway' will be a canvas of soft green with the pastels that only spring can offer. Not the poor economy nor my dampened spirit from struggling through yet another tax season can keep me from smiling up at the cherry and pear blossoms. One of my favorite, the redbud, is close to bloom, a purple color that it's name doesn't hint at.

I have found a new music station on my computer called "Pandora Radio". I'm sure it's not a new station, but I just found it and a singer that I can't seem to hear enough of.Her name is "Katie Melua", and she is wonderful. Her song,"The closest thing to Crazy", really struck a chord with me, it's from her album,"Call Off The Search", and to my friends who read this, I hope you will check her out. I know my 'Old Pal' will like her...check her out.

Feeling old is a coversation of late, and although I don't feel old,compared to others my own age, I do feel limited in what I can still do today. But then again there are some things that you can do when you get older and wiser that you couldn't do when you were younger due to fear. You can be more truthful, because there are no reasons to play games with people. Its easier to tell it like it is, or as my nephew says, it is what is is. Simple, and as I 'Mature' I like simple things. A hot soapy bath, a massage a bottle of good mountain wine from our many local wineries,such as 'Chateau Morrisette" on the Parkway. Some soft cheese, and homemade bread and a view of the hills or the lake and when really lucky a bike ride to the beach...Ahhhhh, memories...
I think I'll take a hot soak with a glass of wine, and smile with my memories that my old pals share with me. Nice to have friends and family that love us..


Amy Tate said...

Amen! I'm SO ready for spring - and the SUN!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Claudia, that second picture with the barn in the background (it looks like a water mill--is it?)--is that on your property? It's incredible. I mean that picture could win awards. It's so pretty it looks fake.

claudia said...

Deb, thats Mabrey Mills down the parkway...I took that last year with my plain old digital camera, but I took it through the Rhodedendrons...I love that picture, I think its one of my best!

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