Wednesday, May 6, 2009

losing my ducks and happy places

I'm losing my ducks!!They are not in a row!!

Sorry for my absence, but I have been enjoying company. I'm one of those strange people who love to have my family and loved ones near me. I worry when those I love travel the roads, and always pray they will have a safe and fun filled journey from destination to destination.

My nephew and his wife and son were here a while back, thats the Raptor I blogged about last. We had a 4-wheel great time!!...a later blog for sure...

Adam, my grand nephew, loves to come here. He calls this his 'happy place'.When he has to go for shots for his allergies, or when he had to have his tonsils out, his Mom would tell him to close his eyes and think of his 'happy place'...

I know about happy places, I have them too. When stress is too much, when everything is awful, I go to my happy place and smile. I close my eyes and things seem to settle down, inside me first and then it will spread.

My oldest brother Clay and his wife Jan are here now. They are Adam's Grandparents. Family. In the end all we have are our friends and our family. Those we love. Thats what is important in this world. I hold them very dear.

Jigs is my brothers Austrailian shepherd, and he is here too. Three Aussies. Mega energy!

Today Belle caught another squirrel. That is one fast dog. They all get along well, aside from the ocasional disagreements about food, or who should run ahead of the pack. They are a constant source of fun and aggrevation, almost simultaneously.

My company leaves next Tuesday, and life will resume its old pace. The dogs will be lost at first as I will when someone leaves, but I still will have my 'Happy Place.'
and I will blog more!


Amy Tate said...

Miss Claudia, I MISS YOU! It's about time we get together for another tea party, don't ya think?

claudia said...

Miss you too girl! Need to catch soon.

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