Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 'cutting' edge

For the past few days the haying process has been going on here at our place.
It was cut, then came the tedding, then the raking into wind rows, and then the baling. That was all done by our neighbor.
While this was going on,Becky and John came over and John tilled our garden. I planted all the tires and buckets I had with veggies, and planted beans and gourds and cukes and melons in and around the ground garden, as well as broccoli and peppers.
The haying finished this afternoon.
Then it was up to Bob and I to get it in from the field! We already have about 160 bales left over of the 1st and 2nd cuts from last year, and that had to be moved in the barn to make room for the new 123 bales!
Did I mention I am allergic to hay?

I drove the pickup with the dogs panting happily in the back seat..Bob stacked in the truck..and then we both unloaded and loaded into the barn...
Where is the company when you need them??

We had done about 3 pickup loads when...
Our neighbors and their family of young strong kids came and helped finish!

Its all in now, and so am I !

And speaking of cutting...
The solid color mini-horse in front is my stallion. He's 4 years old now, and really acting 'stud like'. He rears alot, and I am getting too old to deal with the problems of having a stallion and 2 mares. So I decided to have him 'cut', that is have him 'gelded'.
The vet came this morning, and gave him a shot to sedate him. It did.
Then he gave him another shot to 'drop' him.
It didn't.
He gave him another shot. Nothing, in fact he seemed to be perking up!
The vet administered enough doses to drop a 600 pound horse, and Red is 225 pounds.
All meds were in date, the vet checked and re-checked.
We abandoned the effort until my vet can research and come up with another drug to do the deed..
Red was only sedate acting for about 1/2 an hour, and then it was back to his field, screaming for the mares and jumping on the gelding, Endeavor, since he can't get to the mares.
He looked like he had smoked a joint, said, 'Thank you very much', I enjoyed the rest.
'See ya!'
Tomorrow is writers group.
I need the rest!
What a week!!



Amy Tate said...

Oh my! He is the little stud, isn't he? I pulled your blog up last night just to show Shannon that picture of your cat. He is TOO cute. I love his crossed eyes!

claudia said...

He is my least favorite lately! He's been spraying and I can't make him stop, and Bob won't let me throw him out! I am stressed to the max with Mac!

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