Friday, May 29, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

Raindrops on roses....
Honeysuckle so sweet ...
Wet weather so aggrevating!!

Mountain laurel loves the moisture and heat...

Its been so rainy that I really have been running the dogs between storms!!
I will get busy inside, and look out to see sunshine, so I hurry and get ready and run the dogs, slip sliding over the well worn paths, and dodging turtles!!
Today I only saw one, but yesterday was a two turtle afternoon and the day before was a three turtle morning! When I lived in the Florida Keys I would count the dolphins that leaped from the ocean into my view from the seven mile bridge, which I crossed daily on my way to work, and I would judge the day by what I saw..dolphins ,fish(tarpon) or sting rays and occasionally a surfacing sea turtle.
Next run with the dogs , when the weather is better, I will bring cutters to get the branches that have grown into the path of my head! I have gotten good at dodging and weaving, but it is getting ridiculous!
The hummingbirds are back draining the feeders, and the seed is dissappearing rapidly in the big feeder. Several mornings we have awoken to the hanging feeders on the ground, and the hummingbird feeders drained that are hung on the large feeder Bob made.
I set up my wildlife camera last night to see what was going on...
Here's what was happening! Climbing to new heights...

Date and time are posted on the bottom of the pictures, and they aren't in sequence. We also didn't get him knocking down the feeder that hung to the left side...
Tonight we will take in the smaller feeder and see what happens then!
I think I'll set the camera again, just to see !
Country life...
Raccoons and possum's and bears! Oh my!


Becky Mushko said...

From the picture, I couldn't figure out what kind of critter that was. So it's a raccoon?

At least your dogs get to run! Maggie is a mud ball, and the kennel is half under water and/or mud. Maggie loves it. The other dogs don't venture far from the dog-stall.

Maybe soon we'll get some dry weather so the dogs can run together. (But as I post this, it looks like another storm is moving in. . . . )

Amy Tate said...

Oh my goodness, what a little stinker! Those cameras are too cool.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

That's exactly what I've been doing Claudia--running out in between the rain to ride the horses! I'm trying to get them conditioned for barrel racing so I have no choice. One time Kelly and I got caught in a sun shower. It was so pretty.

That is cool, getting video of the raccoon!

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