Tuesday, May 19, 2009

controling the growth

Heres some pictures from around my yard...it is ever changing with all this rain we have had with periods of sun, cool nights and warm days.

This is the wisteria that I cut last Spring.It was down to the 'bare bones'.
Becky took some slips to plant around her gazebo..
Are you sure Becky???

Got Peaches? YUP!Apples, too! Tomatoe buckets are ready..

Wigelia was cut back to stubs 1 year ago..looks like another 'trimming' will be necessary this Spring!

Deodar Cedar ...we could put lights on this the first Christmas, from the ground!

Old railings from the back deck make great feeder hangers for the birds!

This hummingbird vine is going to take over the porch if I'm not careful!

The peonies are showy every year.Sone of these are the 'singles'.

Flag iris is encroaching on the driveway area..

Out back there are yellow flags, and yucca is blooming...the butterfly bushes are gearing up!

The white jasmine has completely covered its tower, and it is hiding the japanese maple that is still reddish colored..The lilacs are past and needed to be trimmed after they bloomed, but I missed it!

Its hard to find the stairs to the small back deck..Harry Lauders walking stick, and these yellow flags have taken it over..the day lillies will follow..

Can you smell this lemon peony?

Thanks for taking the tour...
Come by and sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds!!!
By the way, update on my brother...he's home and recuperation has begun..
Maybe thats why I am happy and gardening again!
Thanks to Becky for sharing her plants, too.
Earthy friends are best!


Becky Mushko said...

I've already planted the cuttings from your wisteria in two places at the gazebo. Still have more to plant, but I can't decide where.

So many plants, so few spaces!

Amy Tate said...

You're place sure does look different since the last time I was there - WOW! You can hardly see over all the plants! You HAVE been busy.

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