Monday, May 25, 2009

Granma and grandpa's joy

A Sunday visit from Caine..
Grandma gave him his first haircut! Out on the deck...Mom held him, but we didn't get pictures of the deed, because it was a snatch and grab ..sieze the moment thing..I had just cut Dads hair and we took a shot, and won...
He is doing the scary..RRRRAAAHHHH..thing with Grandma, I run and hide around a corner, he chases and scares me...
He is so tired and dirty here!

Mom and Dad( with his new hairdo) on the cutting bench..

Caine decided to taste my clog..lots of nasty stuff on that shoe...YECH!

Here he tried the cat food...then he played in it until he got scolded..

Caine had his first 4-wheel ride around the lawn. He laughed out loud!
Grammy and Caine swung on the wicker swing and in the hammock while singing with the birdies! He played in the rocks in the pathways with Grampy..
Grandpa made his famous Baltimore style steamed shrimp, I made Yankee potatoe salad..
Caine liked the banana/apple/pear Gerber food I got for him, and of course,, always loves apple...he tried shrimp, nope. No to the potatoe salad as well.
Loved the cat food, however!
Theres no accounting for taste!
Actually, I never tried the meow mix...Maybe it is tasty!

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Amy Tate said...

That precious boy is going to have so many wonderful memories of you and your beautiful home. I have a feeling that he will refer to it as his "happy place" too!

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