Friday, May 15, 2009

Joy and sadness

My brothers visit was too short. We played alot of cards and ran the dogs alot, and watched the birds and talked....its never long enough...Jan spent time in her house, and when I had Caine, we went up and enjoyed the porch they added to their place, and sighed at the beautiful view they have of the mountains...
Penny loved Jiggs more than Belle, and here she is trying to steal another of his toys...

Adams visit was pre- Jan and Clay...he rode his 4-wheeler alot and Uncle Bob let him run his John Deere!!!! His face says it all!
Here's 'Evil Kneivel Adam' hitting the creek at a good pace...

Mom Keri and Dad John enjoyed 4-wheeling as well..They fit nicely together on Bob's Grizzly..(Think we have sold John on the Grizzly!)

Adam loved this hill and ran it full tilt...His Mom and Dad were watching in awe at how he mastered the trails so quickly!

Adams machine was so muddy! He refused to let his Dad clean the mud off before loading to head home...he wanted to show all his buddies the Virginia mud!
Great memories...
Can't wait til next time!
My brother Clay left last Tuesday to head home..a long trip back to Massachusetts..
Wednesday he was taken by ambulience to the hospital with the second TIA, the first being a couple of months before he came down for vacation here with us.
He's holding his own, but can't seem to get all his fine motor movement back this time.
I ran the dogs with his spirit this had rained last night and it was cool and damp down by the creek...the fragrance of the woods and its flowering trees was so sweet..I sniffed double, once for him.The sun was dripping through the dense canopy, and I let it warm my face and hoped that somehow he would feel it back there in the hospital. I watched for turtles, as he would do, and looked for a glimpse of a deer fleeing the running dogs. As Penny stood soaking in the swollen creek, I closed my eyes and said a prayer to the spirits that lead us, and prayed to the highest that my brother will get through this one and come back here to enjoy life. He has worked so hard and taken care of everyone else..he is the patriarch of our family...He means more to me than I could ever tell him..
Anyone who reads this blog, please say a prayer for my brother Clay.
I love you all, Claudia

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Amy Tate said...

I sure will, Miss Claudia. Hang in there.

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