Monday, April 20, 2009

The 'Raptor' Lands

Rolling down the hill, with Bob in the lead on his 4-wheeler, the fifth wheel makes its way to the resting spot...

Maneuvering around the trees...

Finally setting down on the flat spot near water and electricity...Adam sits on the cement bench patiently waiting for the garage portion to open and allow axcess to his new toy... Keri and John are setting up..

His new 4-wheeler is rolled out!!
And Auntie and Uncle have 53 acres to run it on!

A seven year old boys' dream! Adam calls our home here in Virginia his 'happy place'...
His father John, my nephew, is riding Bob's 'Grizzly'. John spent a lot of his life with me, and now I am lucky enough to have his son want to be around me too. A fun week ahead, riding and we plan to do some creek exploring, and today we did something this 56 year old has never done! We went geo-caching, and found 3 caches!!!They were all within 5 miles of my house, and one had a coin in it that will be brought back to Mass. when they go home, and put in another cache for someone else to find and get it closer to its intended destination in Maine! This is all done through the use of a GPS and by going to, you can find out how to get involved in this really cool pastime! It's fun and free and you can do it all over the world!
Check it out!


Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time! I have an idea what geo-catching is. I'll go to that link when I get a chance. Sounds like fun!

Amy Tate said...

Oh I've heard of that! It DOES sound like fun. Thanks for the link, we'll check it out. By the way, I am really enjoying that book you loaned me, the one about creativity.

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