Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year old cold

Happy New Year!
Why do we say that? I always wonder about the origins of sayings, so I will have to look that one up. Resolutions are another wonder. Why make a New Years resolution? Any day is a new day, so why not resolve a new day?
This is my hubby and my Mom stretched out in the sun filled tv room, and I beleive the snoring has begun.Mom has a cat draped over her feet. Quarrie. Bob, Mom and I are fighting a flu or cold or something like it. . I sound a few octaves lower than usual, and my voice actually breaks like a teenage boys on occasion.

This picture was taken Christmas Day of me and Caine. I didn't realize how peaked I looked until I saw this, and had I paid more attention to myself I would have known what was coming. I suppose you can't stop a cold anyway, if thats what this is.
The sun is beautiful today, but its quite cold. Bob went out and fed the horses for me this morning, and he plans to run the dogs later so I won't have to get out in the cold. It seems to really aggrevate my sinus when I get cold blowing in my face. This morning I spent extra time with the hair dryer blowing in my face, heat on high. Sometimes I really miss the Florida Keys and all the warmth.
For New Years Day dinner we will have pork roast with sauerkraut and Hoppin John. Tradition says that the combination will bring good luck for the year. I think I'll have an extra helping of the Hoppin John....couldn't hurt!
I hope all my family back home in New England and all my friendsand extended family scattered throughout this big country have a healthy and prosperous year ahead. It seems to hold the promise for a year of change, so I'm hoping it is change for the good.


mimi said...

Cute baby go 2 my blog

Becky Mushko said...

Must be something in the neighborhood. I've been feeling achy since the cold weather started. Not a cold, but general blecchh. The high winds yesterday were really miserable.

Amy Tate said...

Hope your feeling better soon, Miss Claudia. I feel the same way about New Year resolutions. I've never made a single one - never really thought about it either. Isn't that weird?

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