Thursday, January 15, 2009

GG and Caine and bubbles

I took Mom with me to visit Caine on Tuesday. She really seemed to enjoy playing with him, and he loved her. Seems that babies and elderly people are a good mix.

Caine will be 1 year old on Feb. 13th, and a big party is planned. Mom will be able to come to it, and I think his other GG, Marge, will come as well. I will have Bob with me to help me, so it will be much easier.
I have to say, getting my Mom ready, in the H2, out of it and into Michele's house is a chore by itself. Then I have Caine, who is VERY active and of course in diapers, and my Mom who also needs assistance to the bathroom, and feeding both of them... I was so tired that I could only manage soup and grilled cheese that night. Bob had taken care of the horses and the dogs for me, so I got Mom ready for bed and got Bob's lunch made and crashed. I have healthy respect for mothers with more than one child. Having children should be done at a young age!

Caine is fascinated with bubbles. He cried when I stopped blowing them for him.

A future orb watcher?

I would like to visit Caine again next week with Mom, but I have to say, I'm thinking about bringing Jill, the girl up the street, to help me. I really have to get in better shape to spend more time with Caine as he gets older and starts walking. He gets around like a commando now. Elbows and knees 'swim' him across the floor, and then he gathers himself up with his feet under him and kneels, or sits straight up with his legs in front. He is so strong he can sit up from a laying position without anything but an elbow to help! He has also decided that baby food isn't for him.
I think he will take after Bob. Meat is what he likes. And check out those mitts! Bobs hands for sure!

Grandma is recouping...


Amy Tate said...

Whew! That does sound like a big day. You are precious to do all that you do, just don't forget to sneak some alone moments in your day to re-charge. My bathtub is my haven. My family knows not to disturb me when I'm in there!

Claudia Condiff said...

The woods are mine...out on my 4-wheeler with the dogs and sometimes my hubby...we need to recharge...
used to be my hot tub...I miss that!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Whoa, those ARE big mitts! He's adorable. And so is your mom. You're so good for taking such good care of them.

Now about getting in shape for Caine--get on the conditioning program with me--as soon as it gets warm, let's go riding!

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