Thursday, January 8, 2009

sunny-snow shower and blooms

The ride through the trails with my dogs this morning was a weathermans delight. It started with sun, that changed to snow/sleet showers that went to drizzle and back to sun. Belle didn't care that she had snow/sleet drops on her, she just wondered why I had stopped!

Penny also does not care if its cold or wet.She already went for her swim in the icy creek and now my stopping so close to home really had her confused! Notice the snow showing against the pine tree.

My orchids were brought up with me from the Florida Keys and they still seem to be on that blooming time. Most all have buds on them. I had trees full of them in the Keys, but I gave all but these to my friend Nancy, who loves them as I do. Now my bathroom is the orchid room.

What really has me going is the new blooms in my outdoor garden!
These are the new hens and chicks coming up under the old growth that I don't remove until Spring.

These are one clump of three that I have found to be up about 1-2 inches. They are daffodils, and I am amazed to see how far out of the ground they have sprouted.
Is Spring coming earlier than usual this year?

If Spring is going to be early, I better get my butt in gear and get to the pruning that is needed!
Sun, snow, sleet and spring flowers. This is a crazy winter!

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kim said...

Your bathroom is great light for the orchids! amazing that they are still living! If I had them I would have killed them long ago!!! LOL...great pictures! hard to believe the hens and chix are comming up already!

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