Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frozen Creek

It's REALLY cold here. The creek is frozen over in most of the deeper areas. This rock fascinated me. The patterns around the edges that stick out from the ice were really cool. (No pun there.)

The dogs needed a run, so Bob and I ventured out. Penny and Belle couldn't figure out why they couldn't get a drink. They walked around on the ice licking it. Why their tongues didn't stick is beyond me!

This is what one wears in 20 degree weather while 4-wheeling. Makes me think of my friend Debi talking about her friends from the city visiting her at her farm. How do you think they'd like my outfit, Debi?

Bob decided to check out how frozen the creek really was by riding through one of the deeper pools. It held until the last edge, but he made it fine. I chose to run the woods, just incase.
By the way, notice Bob has long pants on!

One run today was all we did. Too cold!
Maybe tomorrow. It's 26 degrees now at 10pm, as it has been most of the afternoon.
We had the fireplace going all day, and just heard on the news that there is a major power outage in our County, and many others due to the overload. We are lucky we aren't in the outage area as they say the power may not be resumed until tomorrow night! I feel bad for those poor souls.


Becky Mushko said...

So that's why they call it "Ice Bottom"!

Amy Tate said...

I like the fuzzy ice too. Wow, I can't believe it froze so perfectly. It even held a 4 wheeler!

kim said...

wow Claudia! That picture of that rock facinates me too for some reason! really cool! You look like a mummy all bundled up! I can't believe that river froze so solidly! It must have been cold if Bob was wearing pants!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Claudia, they'd KILL to get their hands on you!

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