Friday, January 9, 2009

praying mantis babies!

OK, I've done it now. My friend Becky, gave me some holly boughs to decorate for Christmas this year. One of the boughs had a nest I had never seen. Becky told me it was a praying mantis nest, and it would hatch out in Spring. Cool thought I. So I stuck it up on the branch with the nests in my stained glass room. Well, they have hatched!

They are crawling all over the walls, and my work desk!

Now what do I do?
What do they eat?
Gees, sometimes I can't believe the things I get myself into!!
Next stop on the www is learning about praying mantis's!
Hope they don't get into my bedroom!


Becky Mushko said...

If they can't find any other bugs, they will eat each other and should be gone in a couple of days. Well, except for the winner. You could put a couple on each plant you have and not have to worry about other crawly things.

Meanwhile, they'll make great ways to amuse your cats.

kim said...

OMG Girl!!!!! You are worse than me getting into things! just know one thing about them, they are really good luck!!! So don't kill them! LOL...Only you! too funny! Good luck!

Amy Tate said...

I LOVE the praying mantis. I ordered two casings last spring online, and they hatched in my dining room. You need to catch as many babies as you can and turn them loose outside near a bush - not in the open. They feed off of spiders, beetles, lady bugs and lots of other insects. Becky's right. They will eat each other if they're left alone. But they are great for the garden because they eat other pests. And they're really cool to look at!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Oh, they're beautiful. I love them too. I'll take a few if Amy says it's okay to put them outside. Hey, at least it's not ladybugs or stink bugs!

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