Wednesday, January 7, 2009

after the rain...mud

My little girls, Skye and Akila have enjoyed the break in the rain. They are packed tightly with quality mud. They must have spent quite a bit of time rolling to pack it so well! The wind tonight is rising rapidly, and with that, the little horses gallop around their field snorting and bucking, at nothing visible to me.

The dogs finally got to run after a two day wait, they were full of energy. The river is running very high. This mornings ride was dark, even though it was about 10 am. The river is muddy and there are creeks all over the property that were not there prior to the rains. I beleive they are called 'seasonal creeks'. Foam gathered at fallen logs, and trees have lost their foothold, toppling across the water.

This last photo is of a run-off that has found its way to Jacks creek. This new creeklet goes right across my 4-wheel path, so I stopped to snap this picture. I have no idea what that white thing is but I am sure there is a technical reason for it being in my picture, however, I prefer to think it is a happy spirit enjoying the ride along with me and my dogs.

You all can decide for yourself what it is. I'll stick with my reason.


Amy Tate said...

Your little ponies are so precious. I've got to bring Caroline and Ben over there to see them. I'm glad the rain let up too!

Becky Mushko said...

Hmmm. Maybe old Christmas comes a day late over yonder.

kim said...

Wow...very cool! Yes I think it is a very hapy spirit! If you look ast the picture, It looks like it is on a cross doesn't it??? It did to me! The ponies are so cute! and look so happy too!

JANET said...

As I didn't see any sun shining through the trees, I believe you have captured a spirit. Maybe it's an old Indian spirit whose happy with your love of nature and all things furry!!

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