Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ferradiddledumday,January away!


Last day of January, 2010. It's been a busy month. We recovered from the late December snow storm, only to have this one hit January 29th, late night.. I can hardly wait for February!

Bob did get this 7ft blade just in time to plow this storm. He was out on Friday to get a start and then finished today. What a great tool!

The creek was really pretty, I ran alone with Belle,as Penny didn't like running in the deep snow. Belle will get on my machine with me, and its a good thing because I wouldn't have gotten up the steeper hills without her added weight in the back!

Bob finished shoveling the back deck late day, and the sun brought it up to about 34 degrees, enough to have him work in his tee shirt !

Tonight the moon is full and the stars are bright..cold and clear.

On the 26th of January, my neighbor Melissa and her daughter Sam, who is featured with 3 other kids in a picture on the back of my friend Becky Mushko's new book, 'Ferradiddledumday', went to the debut of the book at the Library in Rocky Mount, Virginia.
Becky and Bruce Rae, the artist who did the sketches in the book, are shown below doing a skit based on the book.

The room was packed, a really good turn out, with alot of kids.
Ferradiddledumday is a fairy tale based on the Rumplestiltskin tale that I grew up with, but this one is an Appalachian version, complete with the lore and the animals that are here in the Appalachian Mountains. Becky grew up here in SW Virginia, and her accent really set the tale of Gillie, the girl who spins hay into gold. Bruce Rae played her Pa, and also the funny little man, Ferradiddledumday. Bruce is quite the ham! It was a fun night, and both Bruce and Becky did a great job. I was watching Sam's face as the skit unfolded, and she was mesmerized. It was delightful, and I was laughing out loud.

This is Becky and Bruce with Hunter Brown and Samantha Newcomb, who are 2 of the children on the back cover of the book..

This month has ended and next month is my grandson Caines 2nd birthday on the 13th, and my husbands 51st on the 6th. (Sam's birthday is also the 6th).I will make sure my grandson has a copy of Ferradidledumday to keep throughout his lifetime. I think it's important for him to know about this area where he was born, and to learn about its diverse culture, its flora and fauna, and its history.
Ferradiddledumday will teach him and entertain him..


Kas said...

I admire the interesting post and enjoyed reading the days events. I plan to have my own book signing and intro some day.

Becky Mushko said...

Good pictures! Thanks for coming to the library perfrmance.

Amy Tate said...

I'm so thrilled for Becky! I wish I could have made it too. I have my quilting class on Tuesday nights. I'm celebrating from Boones Mill with you!

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