Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Thoughts of a New Year's Gardens


It's 2010...
A new year of gardening.
Walking around the 'winter mess' in the front of the house I spotted these blooms on the backside of the Camellia bush. I planned to trim that bush way back this Fall, but I am glad I waited. Fresh flowers to start the new year. Perfect.

I start getting anxious to trim back and clean up. I want to cut those butterfly bushes down to nubs, but I know the birds depend on them to hide from the hawks, so I'll be patient. I need to dig up some butterfly bushes for Becky and Melissa and Jennifer. I can't wait for Jan and Clay to move down so I can thin my garden out and transplant to Jan's. But I will wait for her.

.. The New year brings hope, thoughts of fresh starts and clean slates.

I have my first seed catalog, and while the wind howls and 'old man winter' shows how ferocious he can be, I sit with a cup of Earl Grey Tea, and plan for Springtime color. Which tomatoes will I plant? I really need more cucumbers because those pickles went fast! I think I'd like to plant more fruit trees, and so on.
It all sounds wonderful now, but come late summer when I am up to my ears in canning, I will chide myself again, and say, "What was I thinking?"
Lovely winter thoughts of sweet blooms and fresh vegetables....

To all my loved ones and friends, blessings in this New Year filled with hopes and dreams....may they all come true.



Kas said...

I reckon the $ signs will work, lots will be showered upon us all.
Happy New year by the way and I hope all the gardening plans are enjoyed.

claudia said...

Kas ,Thanks, peace and blessings to you in this New Year!!!!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I quit smoking so I now know I can do anything. Therefore I'm going to be rich, lol.

I need to come over and see your mini's close up. When it gets warmer!

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