Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Promise Spring


Inside my house it still is winterish.
These mittens are a pair made by my Aunt Emma, whose been gone for years now.
I don't use them, I just hang them as a memory.

Today is dreary. I got the dogs run early and managed to find time to walk with my neighbor on our usual 2 1/2 mile walk out the main road. I just had a cup of 'Lady Grey' tea while listening to Sting...Brand New of my most favorite cd' Sting. The fireplace is cozy.

There's a promise of Spring outside. Penny is snorkeling again in the creek.

Belle and she are cooling off their paws at the half way pool.

My orchids are happy in the winter sunshine through the windows.

Can you believe that my daffodils are already this high?

There is still some snow, but these day lillies seem to want to rise to the sun.

Ahhh, the promise of Spring.
All things old look new. Spirits rise; creeks rise with the melt and young people feel the natural rhythm, while we of the 'older' persuasion feel the warmer sun on our bones and feel relief.
..."This is the quickening of the year. Tuber and seed and root quicken into the coming of the light...."
Blessings all.

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