Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favorite books and authors

I love books. I collect books. I have too many books!
I have decided to clean my computer/reading room, and it's taking alot of time. Mainly because I rearrange and restock books that I say I don't need or want. I clean in winter instead of spring, because as soon as I can get outdoors, I'm useless in the house!

They go from discard to, uh, maybe I will want that...Come on Claudia, college algebra?
Ok, thats gone...
Poor Belle and Penny have lost their couch to boxes, pictures, papers and books!

The shelves are getting better organized, and the give away and burn boxes are getting heavy.
I have one shelf that I keep for Appalachian authors or local writers. Those books will never leave, and when I have company I encourage them to read them, but I won't let them go home with them for fear of not getting them back! I love my books...

These are some of my treasures. They are by friend, neighbor and Appalachian author, Becky Mushko.
If you google Becky Mushko you will come up with alot of information about Becky and her books, especially her newest, (well newest published one), 'Ferradiddledumday'. Thats the one on the right. I love them all. Becky is a great storyteller, and I am anxious to read Ferradiddledumday to my grandson Caine. It's a story like Rumplestiltskin , the fairy tale that I read when I was a child. Caine was born here in Bedford Virginia, so I hope to teach him about his native area as he gets older. He's 2 years old this February! 'Patches on the Same Quilt' is the first of Beckys books I read, and its a good one. The short stories in 'The Girl Who Raced Mules" are keepers, too. Beckys sense of humor comes through in one of my favorites, "The Miracle of the Concrete Jesus." That's really funny.
From 'Where There's a Will' to 'Ferradiddledumday', you will become a fan of Becky.


Becky Mushko said...

I appreciate your kind words, Claudia. I hope your grandson enjoys Ferradiddledumday as much as you do.

Claudia Condiff said...

Your welcome, and I'm sure he will!
Best of luck with this one!

オテモヤン said...


Amy Tate said...

Love the new look Claudia - and your profile picture too!

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