Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny/snowy Florida Keys

This is my friend Diane in the Florida Keys.
Diane was my water aerobics instructor, lobstering buddy ,wine drinking and all around pal.
This picture was taken in Summerland Key, when a friend of hers won a contest where they would bring in tons of 'snow' for a white Christmas in the Keys. (you may have seen this on National News)
So why am I posting a picture of my friend in her normal Keys wear, a bathing suit?
Because its cold, and dreary and I'm thinking of the Keys and warmth and my hot tub and kayaking the shallows looking for sharks and rays.
Obviously we are never happy since the Keys folk were dreaming of snow and white Christmas's!

I talked to a Keys friend last week when we were in the bitter cold, and they said it was 46 degrees there ! Some people have no heating systems. Thats cold for that far South!
I'm sure that pile of snow was fun while it lasted, but I'm ready for the snow piles that are still around here to go!
This morning the hubby and I cuddled an extra hour under the covers watching his favorite show on Sunday morning, the Salt Water fishermen, and we switched back and forth to my Sunday favorite, Gardening by the yard. All 5 cats were vieing for the best spot up near our pillows where they would be petted. They always watch for the hand (or the foot since they can't distinguish one from the other !). Bob went out in the mess to feed the horses and the birds while I got Mom up and made breakfast...strawberry/almond muffins, hog-jowl bacon and maple sausages, fried eggs and coffee. Then we played the 'required' games of Mom's favorite card game, and now Mom is snoring in the chair and Bob is watching tv, so I get to blog.
A call from a Keys friend, Donna, this morning told me the cold has been really hard on the fish and the local critters. She said the iguanas are dying from the cold temperatures and when she was fishing from her dock yesterday, she saw more parrot-fish belly up ! I guess no matter where you are there is some kind of heart break...we should count our blessings, we could be in Haiti...
Update on Skye:
My little horse is healing nicely, she finished her week of antibiotics and separation from her herd!


Kas said...

Hi Claudia glad to know your little horse is recovering well. Enjoyed reading about your day,it's 13 degrees celsius here this morning cold for Jan in OZ.

Anonymous said...

It's cold here, but at least there's no worry of a coconut falling on my head. LOL

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