Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6th, 2010

Snow pictures on Bobs birthday...

My 'Harry Lauder's Walking Stick' tree...

The Deodar Cedar...drooped and behind pine boughs on ground.

This cedar really snapped, I heard it from the bedroom,yesterday.

Sammy Cedar lost one of his eyes.

Looking back towards the house from our noon walk to mail.

The sun came out late day, but the brief warm sun wasn't enough to start a melt. It has turned cold with the suns setting and I think we may have an icy morning tomorrow. Far cry from last February. I guess we were due, but I miss the Keys, my friends,the pool, the canal and my hot tub...

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Amy Tate said...

But there's something magical about it all, don't ya think? I've enjoyed playing with the family. I even did some sledding too! And tonight I'm feeling muscles that I didn't know I have.

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