Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caine's birthday, parents married


Saturday was Caines 2nd birthday.

He's really into Elmo now, so since I am housebound between a cold, and caring for Mom and the weather, Grandpa went shopping and picked out this talking and singing 'Karaoke' Elmo.

It makes a lot of noise, I suspect Grandpa chose it on purpose.

It was a hit.He loved the Elmo and he and I played all afternoon. He rode his wonderhorse and I dragged him around in a box. He is such a joy.
For some reason all the pictures won't come up, so at least I have this one.

It has been an eventful week. As we made plans for Caines parents, John and Michele to get married in May, they surprised us and told us they went on Friday the 12th to the courthouse in Bedford and got married. Her Mom and step-Dad and Johns Mom and his step-Dad went as well as they were already down for Caines birthday.They didn't call to ask us up, because they knew Bob was working and we had Mom here....The party to celebrate their wedding will still be in May.
The horses keep escaping, they have gotten out 3 times and had to be chased down and drug back, but today, on Valentines Day, Bob and I spent the morning re-fencing and hot-wiring them in. They had been trapped for the last 2 days in a small enclosure, so when we let them into the bigger area, they all bucked and rolled and then tried the fence, getting zapped pretty good. Belle also found out the fence is hot.
I am looking forward to Spring.
Happy Valentines Day to all. Funny I used to look forward to it, but it seems the older I get, the more I realize its just another day with alot of sales hype to buy cards and flowers and candy.
The candy is fattening the flowers die and the cards get tossed.
Valentines day is a feeling, and it can be every day. Getting the horses fenced in right was a good way to celebrate, and when I feel better, I will run the dogs and enjoy the woods...

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Amy Tate said...

You are so right! My son renamed Valentines Day when he was four. He calls it Happy Hearts Day and that is felt all year long!

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