Monday, October 12, 2009

Ocean City to fire pits

We are back....!
The end of September took us to OC,MD for Bob's surf-fishing tournament. Lot's of beach time for me and Jan, Clay fished as usual now.
Didn't see a live horseshoe crab, but here's and old shell.

The guys were tired by the end of the tournament. They drew spots along the beach that had sand bars and a rip tide, so getting the bait up,out and over the surf was really a challenge. Usually they are standing but by last session Saturday when I took this, they were sitting.

Yesterday was Clay and Jans last day of their visit post fishing...
We built a fire pit in the back yard, and while we were having dinner, my neighbor Sam,left, and her cousin Sissy came to say Hello. In the country it isn't odd to have someone show up on horse back or tractor or 4-wheeler. In fact where I am, the car visit is more unusual !

The fire pit turned out well. Heres Clay tending, with a touch of foliage turning red showing up in the background.

Bob was showing me his best side.

Brother John is here for a week now. He came in time yesterday to help get wood. We have no lack of firewood on our property!!
The cold weather is starting, and the mornings are crisp. I seem to get out later in the morning to run the dogs.
I hope to get back on track with my blogs after this week, and I need to go back through all my friends blogs and catch up with them!!


Amy Tate said...

Yea! You're back! Were your ears burning? Becky and I talked about you...of course, it was all good. I love the fire pit!

Sally Roseveare said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Loved the horses!

Anonymous said...

I heart Maryland and everything about it.


Claudia Condiff said...

Can't wait for Monday Amy!!
Hope next week weather will will better for fires..
Sally you book reading was wonderful!
We love OC MD. too Di, my hubby is a Baltimoron..!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I miss horseshoe crabs! They're so prehistoric looking. When I was a kid growing up on the Jersey shore, the bad kids would take them and skewer them on the metal T-posts on those wooden fences they put on the dunes. I'd go and rescue them even though I thought they were gross.

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