Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catty ?


I just had to stop and see my friend Beckys' four kittens.(

She has them on her blog, and they are as cute in person. I love kittens...

I love all furry critters.

Looking at her blog pictures reminded me of a poem I had written several years ago.

It was written to the cadence of Robert Frost's poem, Waspish.

Here is my poem, 'Kittenish'.

On velvet paws they scamper and thump,

They climb up a chair off the back they jump.

They tangle up with mock ferocity.

They leap and pounce a cat ballet to see.

Cat warriors, they think this game on going

It's just a ploy to keep their bodies growing.


The inspiration came from my own kittens.

I remember the fun I had with them. Constant entertainment.

Here are four of the fiesty little fuzz balls,

only now they are in their 'elder years',

or as my girlfriend Sandy says,

'The age of elegance'.

Boy, thats a load...Since I am living here in the south I must add after saying that,

'Bless her heart'.

Most mornings I can't get the bed made before they totally take over!

They prefer it messy, they told me so!!

'Meaghan(moochie) foreground,Quarrie,Iris and Beau'
Here is the 5th of the brood, Mac.
I guess they use up all of their energy in their youth...
Cats are alot like humans,
Or am I being very 'catty'?


Amy Tate said...

I'm jealous! I'm just itching to get my hands on those kittens! I love your poem, btw.

Claudia Condiff said...

Thanks Amy !
they are so cute...such a blast to watch!
Our friend Becky has been bitten by the smitten kitten!!
(oh boy, I am tired!)

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