Thursday, September 17, 2009


One of the best Christmas presents my husband has gotten me...
and there have been many...
is my Moultrie Game Camera.
I have it set up just off the trail I run with the dogs on a daily basis.
Here are just a few of the lastest" catches". (This is my way of 'hunting'.)

If you set the thing right it will tell you time, date and temperature outside...however, notice I had the date as 11/04/09..
it is actually 9/04/09...i screwed up...
This is the only picture I got of the bear, however I had several pictures that didn't come out for one reason or another...and the camera was moved a little...some critter was camera shy, or a ham, I don't know. I have had pictures of something crawling over the camera...a raccoon I presumed.

This picture above was less than 1/2 hour after the bear picture..

The bucks are usually late night or early morning...

This doe and fawn are late afternoon...I think they frequent my backyard..Not camera shy at all!

This is a really fun way to hunt.
My friend Becky ,
has one and she has used it to find out who or rather what was getting into her garage....!



Becky Mushko said...

And the cat whom my camera caught in the garage gifted me with three kittens—as wild as she is.

Anonymous said...

I love this camera. We get a lot of activity in our backyard. Our motion security lights at the back of the house seem quite active. Maybe I need one of those cameras? Hmmm, sure takes nice pics!


Amy Tate said...

Oh my goodness! You better start running with a rifle! Yikes!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I needed one of those cameras when we lived next to the Evils! We could have caught them robbing us!

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