Monday, September 14, 2009

Applesauce making and Bee dilemma

These apples aren't the prettiest apples. They came from a friends tree, and it is 'au natural'. No spraying for bugs, so they do have blemishes. But they are free, delicious, and did I mention free??
There would be alot of waste if it weren't for my minis who love apples, and deer in the yard, so no waste at all!

All peeled and ready to cut into pieces...

The 'mini fodder' is on the left...this canner has seen better days!

Last of the pint we go...

Can you smell them simmering?
nutmeg and cinnamon and a little sugar and water....ummmmm!

Penny helped do the pans...she does the 'prewash' cycle...
She seemed to like the applesauce!

Only one casualty...this small jar broke clean around the bottom...must have been a weak spot or even a crack I didn't see..I toss the whole thing to be sure..

Here's the finished product! 8 pints and 2 half pints of applesauce..

Alot of time spent, but worth every minute in taste!
I have learned as I get older, that the prettiest apples are not always the best tasting.
Sometimes a few bumps, bruises and mars will turn you away from some of the sweetest fruit!
Just like people...
the cover does not always attest to what is on the inside..!

Now my Bee problem...The honeybees are taking over the hummingbird feeders. They actually chase the hummers away! I put this dish out with hummerjuice in it for the honey bees...I don't want to kill the bee's, but they have taken over the feeders, and my porch!!

This is a close up of them on the hummingbird feeder I got that has special 'bee guards'.
They don't work.
I really don't know what to do to discourage the bee's from the hummer feeders !
Any ideas??????
I know the bee's need to eat too, and we really need the bee's more than the hummingbirds, but it is getting to be a problem...
Any solutions will be appreciated..!

Meanwhile, I'll keep making sugar water!!!


Anonymous said...

If these bee's are coming from the old box hive on your property, place some sugar water in front of the hive. (maybe an old auto water feeder for dogs with the two liter bottle upside down) The bee's will be happy not to have to travel as far. You could also make them some fondant candy for them to eat.
Up north here we have had a bad year for the bee's and lost a lot of hives to starvation. We have had so much rain that the bee's haven't been able to gather.
You are right that we need the bee's more than the hummers, but I love the hummers and Adam is more afraid of bee's than the hummers.

Claudia Condiff said...

Thanks for that!I Think it is from the old hive..
Good idea about the sugar water in the dog waterer...I have one, and I will do it tomorrow!!
Your so smart!
and Im with Adam on that one!

Amy Tate said...

Those apples remind me of my old homeplace. We never sprayed for bugs so they had marks all over them. We had over thirty apple trees and my mother made apple butter every fall. YUM.

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