Saturday, October 17, 2009

New England Fall Foliage

Since I haven't taken any really good pictures of the foliage change here in Virginia due to the weather lately, I thought I would just post a few of the last ones I snapped while visiting family last October.
Can any of my family, or anyone who knows N.H. tell where this photo was taken?

This twin birch is typical of New England, and no I did not doctor the color of the sky, it is really that blue!

We visited a farm that survives by raising apples, peaches and pumpkins, strawberries and sells home-made bakery products and cider, etc. It is a 'pick-your-own' type farm, and familys flock to it in the fall. They supply little red wagons to pull children and apples along through the well marked rows of different apple varieties, and golf carts for the seniors or handicapped. Love the 'Butternut Farm' near Rochester N.H.
Up by the Blue Ridge Parkway in Bedford ,Va., there are a couple of 'you-pick' orchards and the 'Peaks of Otter Winery' has apples also, but we like 'Gross's Orchard' just off route 43. Today is their apple festival, and my grandson is there with his parents. Have fun Caine ! Grandma will be up this week to visit you and go to the park to see the ducks!
Get out to our wonderful orchards and wineries, and bite into Autumn with a snappy, juicy crisp apple!


Amy Tate said...

Wow! Look at that sky and those HUGE pumpkins. Miss Caroline would have a fit.

Claudia Condiff said...

Don't you just love fall???
I do !

Anonymous said...

Why that's Merrymeting Lake in New Durham, NH

The Nephew

Anonymous said...

There's just no beating the colors of autumn when they are at their height. Love your photos.


Claudia Condiff said...

The nephew is right!!!
Merrymeeting Lake, New Durham ,N.H.
Thanks Di,my camera is an Kodak easy share DX4900, not fancy, no great zoom, but it does the job!

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