Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ferrum Folk Festival

What started as a drizzly day, turned into a mix of sunshine and clouds and made a georgeous fall day!
Bob and I went to the Ferrum College for its annual folk festival. There were many halls in use for various venues. I found this hall first..
The quilts!!!!! These were all from a private collection, and all from the late 1800's.

And the crafts people!
Amazingly talented artisans in our part of the world! Thses bowls and rolling pins were wonderful, and this gentleman is from Wirtz.

These gourds were so cool ! I'm drying some now....aspiring to have them turn out half as pretty..

This man really could carve...
My brother Clay would have loved these walking sticks with the snakes on them!

These brooms were awesome too.

There were knife makers and demonstrations by weavers and those who dyed wool with natural colors and so many other crafts people I could never mention them all. There were musicians and flat footers and horse shoe pitching competions, and Becky, there were border collie demonstrations where these great Border Collies were herding sheep !

There were coon hound barking competions, and mule jumping competions...

and horse pulling favorite !

Bob and I walked and walked and saw people we knew, and chatted with Aussie dog owners and ate and ate at all the church stands and of course got some fresh cracklin !
We had a great day and I hope you all got a chance to go, and if not, try to make it next year!



Amy Tate said...

Looks like fun! Did you see where a new quilting shop went up in Boones Mill? The Quilting Connection - I'm so excited! I signed up for a need a new hobby.

Claudia Condiff said...

No I didn't see that...who's running it??
There are some beautiful quilts around here and really talented quilters!
Let me know about it..

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