Friday, October 23, 2009

Visual delight and olfactory demise...

I had to post this picture of our old barn, just to prove our Virginia sky is as blue as the photos of the N.H. sky in my last post.

I think this will be my last rose. It is a Don Juan climber and smells heavenly.We've had a few frosty mornings, and the leaves look a little wilted lately.

This picture was snapped while riding down the Parkway last wekend. Today I drove to do grocery shopping in Rocky Mount, and the foliage was stunning ! Quite distracting ! I couldn't take pictures, I was driving!
This morning I rode the trail with the dogs to the creek. The leaves are getting thick on the forest floor, and the smell is heady. I love the smell of the woods in Autumn!
Now I am sitting with the light on while typing this, and the smell is awful! Stink bugs!They are dive bombing me, and they must be mad, cause they stink!
Today I hard-cooked eggs, and peeled them in preparation for Sunday's dinner of steamed shrimp, potatoe salad, along with chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. Michele's birthday is Saturday, and they are coming Sunday to celebrate..her 30th !
Her choice for dinner. I wonder if Caine will eat that? But the eggs stunk , as they always do!
So I boiled a pan of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves to get rid of the egg smell.yummm.
But NOTHING works with the stink bugs! Its an acrid smell.
To add insult to injury, there are lady bugs everywhere!
If there were an animal or bird that would get those stink bugs, I would get it.
They are like little Sherman tanks. I sent one to our nephew in Baltimore that was collecting insects for a class project, and I impaled it with a pin while alive and sent it through the mail.( I have to admit it gave me an odd pleasure.)
It lived. Probably still stinks, too.
Thats one bug that couldn't smell any worse rotted, than when it is alive!
Tomorrow is Ferrum Farm Days, if it isn't too rainy.
I'll let you know how it goes!


Amy Tate said...

Gorgeous! I took some breathtaking photos from my balloon ride, yesterday. The foliage is really something. I love your gardens and I'm sad to hear that it is getting ready to go to sleep until the spring...sigh.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

First the ladybugs and we thought we had it bad. Then the stink bugs! If it wasn't so beautiful around here, I'd move away! I can't stand them!

What's going to run amok next year?

Anonymous said...

Amy, I am sooooo jealous!!!
Balloon ride in the fall! On my bucket list!
Deb, I'd rather have the lady bugs 10 times over!
Guess the higher power decided to let me see the lady bugs weren't so bad!

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