Friday, July 31, 2009

Redneck Limo and Dangerous decorations

My sister-in-law Jan is down visiting and she brought her dog, Jiggs. He is an Austrailian Shepherd, just like my two are. Jiggs loves his tire, and he carries it on the trails with him until he gets too interested in a smell and drops it. I usually carry it home in my basket. Jiggs looks just like my 'Belle."Scroll down and see..

This is Belle

This is Jiggs

This morning's run was a turtle run, as we found two new turtle's, now marked 'N' and 'O'...
Here's O......

This is one of my miniature horses, Endeavor.

This is what I found on the floor of his barn where he was eating hay we baled from our field. Apparently someone had a party with balloons, and they either were released to fly so pretty through to the heavens, or they escaped. Either way, They were baled in my hay , and I didn't see them when I fed a chunk to my mini's.I don't know if he ate any peices, but they were damp with his saliva...

Ok....I had to shout that...makes me sooooooooo mad!

Jan's birthday was yesterday, so after a day outing complete with a late lunch where Bob,Jan and I ate heartily at an Olive Garden in Lynchburg and toasted her B-day,
Melissa came by in her 'Redneck Limo', aka a Rhino, picked up Jan, and they in the 'Limo', Samantha on her 4-wheeler, and Bob and I on our wheelers, ran the trails with the dogs...

Now today, Betsy Ashton came out to check out my mini's for a story she is doing for the Laker Weekly magazine..she also went and saw Sam's mini, cinnamon, who's blind..
I will blog that when it happens!!
I am starting yet ANOTHER type of antibiotic since the one I started last Monday STILL isn't working. I will miss the party at Betsy's house tomorrow, cause I feel too crappy to boat ride, drink wine or socialize, and those that know me understand that I feel pretty darn crappy to miss any kind of party!!



Becky Mushko said...

I hate helium balloons, too, and I've found some remnants in our hay before, too.

Balloons are also harmful to small children who might chew on one and swallow it. The Heimlich maneuver doesn't work to dislodge a balloon from a kid's throat because the balloon molds to the airway. The ballon packages have a warning that balloons shouldn't be used around kids younger than eight, but you see so many kids' events decorated with balloons.

Balloon releases are one of the stupider activities that some schools, groups, and individuals do. I can't believe that some funeral homes even have a balloon release for the "dearly departed." Don't these folks realize they're just littering long distance? Don't they realize that balloons might come down anywhere?

Many years ago, a balloon was caught on a tree where my trail crosses the creek. Cupcake jumped sideways when she saw it, but I somehow managed to stay on.

OK, my rant's over. For the time being.

Amy Tate said...

Oh my goodness...that's horrible. I sure hope he didn't eat any. I'm sorry you feel icky! I hope the new meds work.

Claudia Condiff said...

The tough thing is it gets bailed and you don't always see it...
Saw a funniest video where a Mom attached the toddlers binky to some balloons to send the binky to heaven, so the child would give it up...imagine my horses eating that!
Amy, I hope I feel better too, thanks, and I will watch deavor for a couple of days to be sure...horses cant vomit...and once they start to swallow something, it goes down!

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